We know how to identify new market opportunities, add value, solve meaningful problems and answer market insights in the best possible way.

Using Passio Innovative Way simplify the whole creation process and allows us to achieve measurable benefits quicker than ever before. This method resulted from observations and experience gained during the realization of different assignments.

Passio Innovation Way is not just a theory or some kind of hypothesis. It’s a very practical and effective tool that enabled us to create many successful projects. You can see some of them below.

We are convinced that our solutions give priceless benefits to both, our client and the end-user.

Benefits for the end-user
  • Prevention
  • Safety
  • Comfort care
  • Effective and simple therapy
  • Time saving and cost-effective
Benefits for the client
  • Prestige
  • Pioneering
  • Improvement
  • Development
  • Higher revenue

Leading inhalation device

The Pulinno inhaler is our answer to the most common health conditions - Asthma and COPD. It’s the first unique intelligent platform where the inhaler adjusts to the specific drug formulation, quite the opposite of what the market is used to. The aim of the project was to create a completely novel DPI device that would possess a significant technological advantage over other existing inhalers. The innovative modular construction of inhaler allows modifying its geometry to fit specific drug formulation, making the developed platform a completely versatile solution. At the same time smart, quick and cost-effective alternative for the tremendous process of adjusting drug formulation to the inhaler.

Project realized for Pulinno Ltd


In Passio Human Microbiome, we seek for non-obvious inventions, therefore while everyone studies connection of the microbiome with diabetes, IBD, autoinflammatory disease or cancer, our attention was drawn by long-term supportive therapy. Every patient who has ever undergone chemo- or radiotherapy treatment knows well how destructive side effects these have and how badly they influence the organism as a whole. Because of that, we developed Meliotic – preparation that falls into a novel class of oncological supportive treatment. The patient receiving Meliotic after chemotherapy or radiotherapy gets a chance for a significantly faster recovery of the gastrointestinal tract. Meliotic promotes re-growth of commensal bacteria in the gut and hence restores the balance of the immune system. Patients who undergone chemo- or radiotherapy often suffer from dyspepsia that can be vastly alleviated by Meliotic, resulting in recolonization of the gut with certain bacteria aiding digestion processes. Meliotic is not a cure for cancer but it remarkably improves the quality of life of patients that need special attention – ones that suffer from severe side-effects of anti-cancer therapy.

Project realized by Passio Human Microbiome Ltd

Accurate Drop Systems

According to our research, 30% of patients think that they apply the eye drops incorrectly, where the truth is that over 80% of the patients are doing it wrong. We developed Accurate Drop Systems (ADS) which minimalizes or even totally eliminates mistakes that can be made during the administration of the drug. We eliminated the problem of correct positioning of the device that usually results in the waste of medication and we offered an option of adjusting the volume of the drop to meet a specific patient’s prescribed dose. This solution vitally raises the chance of administration of the exact amount of the drug instead of wasting several drops. The specific design of the ADS devices eliminates the risk of touching the nozzle to the eye resulting in no contamination hazard. We also created a mechanism enabling using drugs containing no preservatives, that may cause irritation and other side effects in some patients, especially after prolonged use.

Project realized by Passio Biomaterials Ltd

Ocular Surgery Knife

Passio Group engineers managed to develop a knife, which enables obtaining a considerable reduction in surgery side-effects. Using the knife, the surgeon makes U-shaped incisions. Its blade consists of three cutting surfaces that enable forming a kind of flap that suppresses further injury formation during manipulation with microsurgical tools. Moreover, intraocular pressure keeps the incised membrane on the place and the edges of the cut remain smooth providing better sealing of the wound. The real challenge was obtaining a really sharp blade having more than one cutting surface, set at different angles. Usually, bending such tiny metal blade results in its blunting but owing to a special technological process we were able to overcome it, getting really good results.

Project realized for IFO Ltd