Passio Human Microbiome

Passio Human Microbiome is comprehensive research center which focuses its activities on studies regarding microbiome and its impact on health.

Our scientists combine science and translational medicine. They use powerful technics as genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and microfiometry, as well as bioinformatics to answer important questions regarding the microbiome. The aim is to use our strengths and the emerging possibilities of expanding the scope of research related to the microbiome. We are extremely proud of the fact that we conduct key research in the field of cancer therapy support, which results in Meliotic.

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PTP Diagnostic Point

Protection Through Prevention" Diagnostic Point is the first place of this type in Poland and one of the first in the world to offer preventive comprehensive diagnostic screening tests.

The unique combination of several diagnostic methods, detailed interview and the use of information systems based on artificial intelligence makes it possible to determine the risk of future cardiovascular, cancer or neurological diseases.

The approach to the issue of preventive diagnostics presented by PTP Diagnostic Point gives a new meaning to the term of early diagnosis because early detection of problematic areas helps the medical specialist to decide what should be the next step in the process of diagnosis.

Our advantage is that we are not a typical medical office, as we accentuate the role of medical caregiver—this person has full knowledge of both the client and the whole diagnostic process. The use of AI enables the automation of diagnostics.

PTP Clinic

The "Protection Through Prevention" Clinic responds to the need for quick access to specialists. Thanks to the integration of IT systems with the PTP Diagnostic Point, we can immediately verify the risk indicated to patients during the diagnostic process.

Our doctors, as specialists in various fields, are actively involved in the construction and development of an IT system for early detection of disturbing changes that may be the beginning of severe disease states.

We use our own IT system, which was created based on the identified needs of our patients. It allows us to effectively manage patient traffic, thanks to which their service takes place in comfortable conditions without crowds and queues.

As PTP Clinic, we have set ourselves the goal of making our client feel comfortable and safe and aware that we can help him to identify and understand the existing risk. We indicate the next diagnostic and therapeutic steps, providing support in following sometimes difficult therapies.

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ONKODIETETYKA is a holistic support center for people undergoing oncology treatment. We are a place where oncology patient and their relatives will find psychological and dietary support.

We implement programs and therapies to help you go through this difficult stage of life.
ONKODIETETYKA provides education and support aimed at improving the psychological and dietary life of a person fighting with cancer and relations with his or hers relatives. At ONKODIETETYKA, you will receive support in the form of:
- psycho-oncological support - individual therapies and skills,
- consultation with an oncology dietitian,
- educational workshops supporting treatment programs.


Oncoria is a Polish brand specializing in medical devices and dermocosmetics for skin with unique needs. We are the first specialist brand of dermocosmetics dedicated to skin care during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
The Oncoria One line consists of dermocosmetics intended for daily care of the skin of the body, face and nails. Oncoria cosmetics have a soothing, moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin. Each of the products contains active ingredients supporting the regeneration of the epidermis after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. As a result, cosmetics alleviate the side effects caused by oncological treatment and naturally accelerate the recovery process.


Passio.Life’s research has focused on creating food for special medical purposes that retains the form of classic home meals. By combining the knowledge, experience and passion of our team, we have entered a whole new level in the field of medical nutrition.

As the only team in Europe, we combine scientifically verified medical information and manufacturing technology in order to create medical food, including foods for special medical purposes and foods with a therapeutic indication.

Innovation: new medical nutrition


Passio ECOMED is the youngest entity in the Passio Group.

Its history started at the turn of the year 2016 and 2017 when we launched the ECOMED project. The project aimed to design the holistic system of monitoring vital human parameters. The final effect of almost three years work was a futuristic concept of a smart house system which can in a discreet way gather all essential health information about household members.

In the next few years, Passio ECOMED intends to implement on the polish and international market some parts of the system. First to come will be a thermographic device which has a huge potential due to a wide range of applications in medical and sports areas.