Operations of Passio Group are managed under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for monitoring and evaluating Passio Group’s strategic goals. Find out more about qualifications and experience of the people who make up the Passio Group Board of Directors. 

Chief Executive Officer

Five years of banking experience (ING Silesia Bank Inc.) allowed her to get a deep insight into fields such as finance, managing and risk analysis. Also during the work in a finance facility, she performed duties of a Bank Director.

In 2008 she became a Chairman of the Board in Passio Ltd. – which delivers solutions for medicine, electronics, and aircraft. In years 2009 – 2011 she was a Vice Chairman of the Board of three independent companies specializing in quality management, electrical engineering and automotive. In years 2010-2012 she worked as a Vice Chairman of the Board in design and machines construction company. All those years she gained a broad knowledge of finance, controlling, Human Resources, supply chain management and a vast discernment of building an organization from the bottom up.

In Passio Group she is responsible for supervising of the goals achieving continuity. Also, she represents and secures business of the Passio Groups owners. Anna Klucz is a Chairman of the Supervisory Board in INNOBRIDGE association: as a representant of the inner supervising unit she manages and controls activities of the Associations administration.

Chief Scientific Officer

She started her scientific career in 2009 on a Biomedical Engineering and Functional Materials Institute of the Technical University of Lodz. Apart from working at Passio Group, she conducts classes in Biomedical engineering, Biomaterials and Certification and commercialization of medical devices.

In years 2013 – 2014 a lecturer of Practical aspects of managing an innovative company, Practical approach to project management in biotechnology and Commercialization of R&D work results. A head of an international research project on CarLa’s implementation potential in years 2014 – 2016. Also, she was a contractor in multiple ventures such as IIVbF research project, The national research project on the implementation potential of GRAF-Tech and national implementation SiMED project.

In years 2017 – 2019 Deputy Chairman of the Polish Biomaterials Association.  Also, she is a member of the Polish Society of Materials Science, member of Top 500 Innovators, and the technical supervisor of the BioMed-Spec Student Scientific Research Club. She is an author of over twenty scientific publications on medicine, nanomedicine, and biomaterials. A winner of multiple scholarships and scientific awards.

Chief Financial Officer

A graduate of the Economics Academy in Cracow (currently The Economic University) on Management and Marketing department with a Finance Analysis specialization. After that, a postgraduate student of Accountancy and Finance. Also, he gained an Executive MBA title in 2005. (Gdansk Managers Foundation, Gdansk University, Rotterdam School of Management).
Working as an executive in several stock companies brought him a broad management experience. Marek Tiahnybok has a practical knowledge of administrating small and big organizations from finance, administration, and strategy sector. Furthermore, he has got a deep knowledge of how family companies work. An author of a chapter about economic aspects in a Succession Manual published by the Family Companies organization.

He started a career in years 1995-1997 in Doctor Q Group, where he was a Vice-President of a Board, Chief of Finance and Accountancy and apart from that – a Chief Accountant in Procom Software Inc. divisions. In years 2002 – 2005 he was a Vice-President of the Board as well as a Finance and Administration Chief in Ferrero Group. Next from 2005 to 2010 he worked in Asseco Groups Poland structures as a Vice – President of the Board of RGQ Inc., a Finance Division Director in ABG Inc., and in 2010 as an advisor to the President of the Board in Asseco Poland Inc. In years 2010 – 2015, he was a Finance Director and the Vice-President of the Board in TimeFrame Software Ltd.  Also, he performed duties of the President of the Board, Vice President of the Board and Financial Director of Qumak Inc.

Chief Sales Officer

A Ph.D. in Management at the Poznanian University of Economics, also a graduate of Warsaw School
of Economics at the Supply Chain Management department, 
Nicolai Copernicus University at the Managing Labor Resources department and University of Technology and Science in Bydgoszcz at Management.

He has got an extensive experience in strategic management and sales. In Passio Group he is responsible
for key customers business relationships 
supervising. In Passio Group, he is involved in the implementation of new medical and pharmaceutical products for the Middle East and Central Europe markets.
Emil Klucz combines management skills with a deep knowledge of the optimization and standardization process within R & D activities. Co-founder of innovative design – production methodology – Passio Innovation Way.

Privately happy husband and a father of three daughters.

Chief Innovation Officer  

Strategist. Innovator. In Passio Group responsible for strategy, innovation and searching for new business opportunities. 
A graduate of Top 500 Innovators Program – at the Standford University in Silicon Valley. The originator and co-creator of SHOPA Design Thinking Workspace idea. Design Thinking expert
and a big fan of this method considered as a way of creating breakthrough innovations basing
on users needs. Initiator and for a decade a Chief of Academic Business Incubators in Bydgoszcz.

He is passionate about knowledge and technology transfer between science and business. A former Director of the Regional Innovation Center – The Center of Transfer at the Technology and Science University in Bydgoszcz.   

A skiing and sailing enthusiast.