Engineering, design, and manufacture for pharmaceutical and medical enterprises.

Examines a human microbiome to support medical diagnosis and treatment.

Provides solutions for the Advanced Drug Delivery Systems and nanomedicine.

Provides dynamic support, from intellectual property, audits, to scientific analysis.

We believe that each of our initiatives is a big step towards the bright future!


Passio Group consists of five independent business units. The notable thing which connects us all is the Passio Innovation Way (PIW) methodology which allows us to deliver advanced, user-centered, commercially successful, business-oriented products and services for healthcare businesses.

We support healthcare businesses to build the next generation of products, services, and experiences. We design and launch innovative products and services by combining business awareness with market insights. We work with medical and pharmaceutical companies seeking growth, breakthrough technology, and innovative design.

We are offering an exceptionally unique experience tailored to you!


Since 2008, we have learned how to design intelligent systems and solve big problems in the most effective way possible. We believe that our work is significantly improving medical discovery, diagnostics and delivery of care.

We design medical and pharmaceutical devices, using unique Passio Innovation Way methodology. In particular, Passio Group is focusing on:

  • Scientific research in fields such as medicine and pharmacy.
  • Modeling possible solutions with Design Thinking methodology.
  • Creating prototypes with fast prototyping methods.
  • Describing production techniques and managing supply chains.