Healthcare industry is becoming more and more popular over the years. A proof for that theory is the increasing number of startup companies which want to conquer the local and/or global market with their idea.

ATENA Research & Consulting had published a report about Polish medical startups companies. The report describes the reality of medical startups in Poland. There are also available “Polish Startups Report 2018” published by Startup Poland Foundation and “2019 Q1 StartUp Health Insights” posted by StartUp Health. All of them are dedicated to the analysis of trends in the areas of startups’ activities.

The analyses are based on estimates stemming from the number of investments in given areas and the scale of business transactions. Based on that we can see how much Polish startup landscape differs from European, American and Israeli. In our opinion, that significant difference is influenced not only by the nature of the start-ups but also by the functioning of the entire ecosystem.

PASSIO GROUP has its own experience with startups. Mainly due to work with several companies for which we played the role of a mentor by running a few series of workshops. It was a great occasion to meet people standing behind their companies. We are aware of how many and how tough the challenges those people have to face.

Most of the founders have innovative ideas which come from their experience of working at universities or professional practice, or they discovered the real need on the market that can be fulfilled.

We need to support those young, newcomer companies in implementing their ideas. How we can help them? To answer this question, we need to be aware of the challenges that the teams creating new innovative enterprises have to overcome every day. To understand their needs, we must get acquainted with the definition of “What a startup is?”.

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