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3,2,1… we start our ultramarathon.

We moved to action!

After more than a year of preparations, we’ve started building highly-specialized Research and Development Center in Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park. The goal of this investment was to create a place where not only scientific research is carried out, but also market development, through the implementation of modern pharmaceutical technologies.

Together with our partner, BPPT, we started the organization and construction of the center, in which we will develop modern technologies from the widely understood field of pharmacy and medicine. The PharmTech projects will be conducted up to market introduction phase.

The main purpose of our center is to develop different kinds of highly specialized medical equipment. Our activities will focus mainly on several research categories including analysis of physical aspects of delivery of pharmaceutical substances to the organism, active substances carriers targeted drug delivery and the most diverse and dynamic biological area – aimed at gathering knowledge and practical implementations in the field of human microbiome, where we focus on the use of bacteria in therapeutic processes.

In our center, we will also develop technologies related to the design and improvement of products currently used in pharmacy. The effects of our work will be implemented on the industrial scale in pharmaceutical enterprises. Thanks to these activities, we will conduct effective communication on the science-business line and develop cooperation in the area of innovative activity. It will result in the increased market potential of conducted research and greater interest of entrepreneurs in research works in the science world, and consequently, a preference for implementing ready-made solutions. We are proud, because it is the first center, focused on highly specialized and integrated services for companies from the pharmaceutical and medical industries in this part of Europe.

The center will focus on providing services to pharmaceutical and medical companies by offering its resources, not only hardware but above all its human resources, knowledge and competencies. The cooperation system itself assumes, apart from cooperation with mature companies, also special paths of cooperation with start-ups at every stage of their development, from the incubation phase, through development, to international expansion. The cooperation will also include the possibility of gathering groups of scientists who will be able to test their theories on our grounds, produce short series and conduct research to implement their concepts in the field of pharmacy and medicine.

The entire construction process of the facility is carried out simultaneously with the process of building specialized research teams. A man capable of creating innovative solutions is at the heart of ongoing projects, and thus a key factor conditioning the creation of the right product or service. It is a time-consuming and multistage process. We assume that, despite the fact that part of the center will be put into use in the first half of 2020, we will get the full capacity to carry out the assigned research and implementation tasks by 2022.

We keep life moving – our unchangeable motto, takes on a new dimension through this investigation. We will be proud of every implementation that our clients will make based on cooperation with us. Keep your fingers crossed for us because we have a long way to go.

See you at the end of this adventure!