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On the 7th of September, Passio Group was honored to be one of the partners of an international symposium Intellectual Property in Innovation Economy. IP in the Innovation Ecosystem - Security, Management, and Commercialization Strategies conducted in Cracow, by the Polish Patent Office.

The symposium was devoted to innovation management, legal protection and commercialization processes, and addressed to representatives of science, business and administration.

Currently, more and more of companies base their competitive advantage on intellectual capital and innovations. Extremely important in this context is their legal protection as well as constant improvement of knowledge about the management and rights to intellectual property, especially in the aspect of effective technology transfer. These processes can often be a decisive factor in development.

Presentations and discussions were accompanied by simultaneous workshops devoted, among others, obtaining financial support for setting up innovative activities, solving most common innovation problems and protecting intellectual property during technological transfer. Besides, that conference was a great opportunity to share ideas, experiences and reflections during networking sessions.

Passio Group had the opportunity to speak about different ventures of the company, with an emphasis on Passio Human Microbiome – one of the business units of Passio Group.

PHM, as the entire Passio Group focuses on small things of huge importance, in this case, it is human microbiota.

PHM, as the entire Passio Group focuses on small things of huge importance, in this case, it is human microbiota.

“During the last few years of work on the microbiome, the perspective of our thinking and acting has changed, because it turns out that human metabolites should be understood, not individually, but as a picture of the evolutionary coexistence between the bacterial world and the host organism.”- said Joanna Sikora, The Chief Operating Officer of Passio Human Microbiome

Passio Human Microbiome’s goal is to gather information, research and analyze the data on various aspects related to the microbiome and its use for scientific and clinical purposes. We also presented our latest PHM’s major project, which is to support oncological patients by improving the quality and comfort of their lives by modulating the microbiome in different parts of the body, which ensure not only proper functioning at the physiological and psychological level.