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Asthma and COPD are ones of the most common respiratory diseases. Both are chronic, however correct medication can significantly improve the quality of life of the patients and affect the effectiveness of therapy. Unfortunately, results of the research show that in many cases the proper use of inhalers is complicated and often the whole therapy is ineffective. We decided to find out why does it happen and what can we do to change that.

What was the problem and what is our advanced solution?  

The conducted research showed that one of the biggest obstacles which the pharmaceutical industry is trying to overcome while introducing new generic medicaments to the market is to fit the drug formulation to technological requirements of the device. Such an attempt has a big influence not only on primary medical effects but also it boosts costs and extends the time of product implementation.   

We wanted to solve this problem. Therefore, we came up with the Modulair inhaler which is the world first intelligent system where inhaler adjusts to the specific drug formulation, quite the opposite of what the market is used to. 

From the pharmaceutical company viewpoint, the inhaler has a basic functionality, which is a result of the unique approach to the designing process (to learn about our work methodology visit ).   

Our device has a modular construction and can be adjusted to any drug formulation. The modularity of the inhaler elements ensures that the entire process, starting with inventing, adapting and introducing to the market, becomes shorter and less expensive. This invention was a big success. But we didn’t stop our development.  

How we proceed? 

After a while, we decided to go step further and create the more intelligent version of the inhaler which will be an innovative answer to popular inhalation problems. We decided to connect our innovative design with advanced technology.   

The huge problem among the patients is that in many cases the therapy with inhalers is ineffective because of improper use of inhaler – incorrect position of the device during inhalation, to be precise. Our inhaler has features which detect any position abnormalities and notify the patient about it by sound or vibration.   

The inhaler also gives information on the geographic location of the patient who is taking the drug. This kind of data allows, among other factors, for instant monitoring of places where specific medicines are taken and comparing them with maps of allergy threats.  

Additionally, our solution measures the time and intensity of drug application- this will solve the problem of uncertainty of taking the right dose of the drug during inhalation. That’s a huge benefit for the patients and a big improvement in the quality of inhalation!  

Is there more to improve? 

We believe that we created breakthrough solution that allow the doctors to better evaluate the course of treatment. Every day we observe new inventions and spot another way to improve. Our work is an ongoing process. We realize that still there’s a lot more to come.