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We are happy to inform you that Passio Group will be enriched with a new division – Passio Design Studio. Below you can check out our conversation with PDS chief – Maja Żądło and get to know their main challenges, objectives and dreams.


What is design?

Giving a form to the idea. Solving problems. Facing challenges. Simplification.

Designing is used to improve aesthetics or functionality?

Both. I think that these two aspects decide about the products success and are inseparable. Therefore, in my opinion, the cooperation of designers and constructors is important at every stage of design – from the concept, through the entire construction process.

Passio Design Studio is part of the Passio Group. It is set in the Passio Innovation Way process, and its role begins at stage 2, after stage 0 – Deep Future Thinking and 1 – Design Thinking. At this stage, we already know exactly in which context the product should be embedded, what are the users’ needs and how this thing should work. This makes work very easy because the boundary conditions are known.

Coming back to the question: aesthetics and functionality must go hand in hand because from the user’s point of view they are equally important. The designer’s work is not just about improving the aesthetics of what engineers will create. Constructors, on the other hand, are not to intentionally destroy designers visions. Both have to understand each other and, whats important, work simultaneously confronting their ideas. The most interesting moment is when the outcome is nothing to what it ought to be at the beginning;)

Why do companies employ designers – can their work not be replaced by the constructor?

That can happen. However, constructors think technically, designers „like to fly”. The combination of competences of different people and the confrontation of different points of view have a chance to give super creative and super-effective solutions, and a better product. The more friction, conflicts, and problems along the way, the better.

How does the idea of Passio Design Studio arise?

It is a well-known truth that design can be a competitive advantage for the companies. They like to brag about ‘modern design’ of their products. Many of them often understand that well-designed things simply sell easier. I think that in the medical or pharmaceutical industry this is even more important because we are talking about products directly related to the good / better users condition, with their everyday life, which often is not so easy. This market is also very difficult, dominated by industry giants, which is why we have to start from a high level.

Design in pharmacy and medicine?

Pharmacy is a field with a lot of limitations – technical, legal – but it gives a feeling that products that are introduced to the market can actually positively affect someone’s life and daily functioning.

What does Passio Design Studio do?

Designing breakthrough products, of course, Those which have a real impact on the daily lives of users, those which are improving their functioning and simplifying what is complicated. I am an idealist in this matter.

Is – and if so, how does the design affect product innovativeness?

Innovation is a fashionable word that, in my opinion, does not have to be synonymous with the success. The product can be innovative, but if it does not take into account needs of users and market expectations, it will be a failure anyway. Design affects innovation if it’s embedded in the process.

What are three most important goals for PDS:

1. Creating functional products that facilitate everyday life

2. Building the image of Passio Design Studio as the creator of this kind of products.

3. Improvement of the product development process

4. Win a prestigious design prize: Red Dot or a Good Design

What are the main challenges for PDS?

Our biggest challenge is a daily struggle with the matter, closely related to achieving the above-mentioned goals. The challenge is not to give up, do not get off our path, defend ideas. The challenge is also to meet the expectations of customers and give them a security. I think that, with a bit of enthusiasm and commitment, we will be able to achieve everything.