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Constructive solutions negating, overthrowing the theory, and discussing obvious issues is often the most important step towards creating something bigger. Anyone who has analyzed the achievements of humanity sees that the cultural, art or scientific revolutions have almost always begun as an opposition to something. At the Passio Group, we are aware of this dependency. During the innovation creating process, the first question we ask ourselves is: “How can we destroy this idea?” – only such approach allows us to develop both our way of thinking and our products.


24th and 25th of November, with a great help from our partners we had a great opportunity to host representatives from the most promising polish startups in the medical industry. Those highly demanding and inspiring workshops were organized by one of the MITEF’s mentors – Passio Groups Chief Sales Executive – Emil Klucz. Passio Innovation Workshop goal was to allow each of the participants to evaluate and validate their ideas according to Passio Innovation Way methodology.


„Many young entrepreneurs believe in their ideas, which is very important at the beginning of their journey. They often have many valuable competences that allow them to make their own ideas come true. Unfortunately, great awareness is often accompanied, by a great deal of unawareness of the difficulties that are yet to come. “- said one of the Passio Groups mentors Waldemar Wiśniewski

When we are a part of the process, we work in a hermetic group of specialists focused on achieving a long-term goal within own abilities, often we miss out obvious errors that we make; we are not able to see results of our work from the different perspectives.

During two days of workshops, Passio Groups specialists, from fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering, sales, and marketing supported startups representatives, by delivering additional resources and competences, giving them simple tools which allows to avoid complications, anticipate difficulties and overcome the obstacles – according to one simple methodology – Passio Innovation Way.


We are keeping our fingers crossed for the success of all the startups participating in the Passio Innovation Workshop! Perhaps you will soon hear about new innovative products that will revolutionize diagnosis and therapy – and we hope that Passio Group will be a part of it.