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Passio Innovation Way (PIW) is a unique and comprehensive four-step work methodology which includes design, manufacture, and delivery of the new technology or service. PIW enables us to solve big problems with a minimum of risks and maximum of the business outcome at the same time. This is how it looks like:





0.DEEP FUTURE THINKING To put up the early stage hypothesis we gather business and scientific intelligence. Creation of the new technology concept, a product proposal or a service idea, requires certain data about the market, customer needs, competition and expected business outcome.

Duration time: 2 – 4 months.






1.DESIGN THINKING In this part, our hypothesis is subjected to the five-staged process. Beginning with the empathy, through a problem defining, creating a solution, prototyping, and testing, in the end, we create a fully-functional model of our service or device. Everything which appears to be crucial from the end-user perspective is described in the extensive report.

Duration time 3 – 6 months.





2.PRODUCT ENGINEERING Pre-produced, but still fully functional prototype, as well as the technical documentation, is an outcome of this stage. If everything goes well, we manufacture a series of 100 products.

Duration time 6 – 9 months.






3.PRODUCTION ENGINEERING The last stage is fully connected with introducing the product to the market / client. We prepare the prototype to a large scale production, we create supply chains and we examine our suppliers during the certification process. Our work ends up when the last fully functional piece is delivered to our customers warehouse.

Duration time 6 – 12 months