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Emil Klucz, Passio co-founder, Board member and head of marketing on PIW, goals, procedures, and creativity.


What is Passio Innovation Way? Why have you decided to create your own, unique process?

– I received a book about simplicity once. I started to read it on my way back home, and just after ten pages, I realized that every creative activity needs a frame, a base. Procedures, rules, checkpoints are defining the way of achieving goals, they help to manage risks. But on the other hand in any way they can not restrict the freedom of creativity … We all heard about how great it is to work for Apple, because of the company atmosphere, but no one realizes how many procedures they have and how complicated they are.

– Passio Innovation Way arises from the need of simplicity but still, we remember that there is no simplicity and creativity without an order. To avoid problems, risks and costs we need to know what are the key negative factors. PIW is a unique, optimized process of product creation – from the idea, design, through production up to delivery. Many companies deal with exactly same steps the innovation process. In our case, there is a beginning, the end, and checkpoints after every stage – we offer our clients cooperation at every single step of creating innovative products or services.

– PIW is based on an inverse thinking. At every stage, we are trying to find the weak spots of our hypothesis… Everybody is afraid of the risk – I have always wondered how the results of so many scientific projects supported with the EU funds are known, at the application stage and every project is successfully ended. I do not like the condescending approach to scientific research – at Passio we accept the risk at every single stage of the process. When we start a new project I’m never sure would it be successfully finished, I do not know what would be the result – of course, we can assume that, but the positive ending is never a certainty.

What is more important in PIW – procedures, rules, reports or creativity?

– We expect from our teams maximum of creativity, but there are procedures that help us to reach targets and keep us in order. PIW gives us a chance to monitor the effects, there is no limit to creativity, but every stage is ended with the report … For example, if a team starts the stage 1 – Design Thinking – I will not check the results every day but I will wait patiently for six months until the final report is ready. We trust our teams, they know what is the best solution of the problem and how to achieve goals, but on the other hand, they also know the methodology and will work, and report step by step, according to the rules of the process. Within this procedure there is almost unlimited space for creativity, we do our best to keep that in mind.

What are the requirements of every project conducted according to Passio Innovation Way?

– The change – we don’t like stagnation, we prefer to change the world to be a better place. When we introduce the product, even a small one, it should have a potential to change things globally, it should improve ordinary people lives. In the center of our approach to the product, there always is an individual, not the customer, but the person – human being. With the Passio Innovation Way, we create the product that change the world.