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Shopa Design as the main organizer of Polishopa Design Thinking Conference 2017 and also a member of Passio Group for the fourth time gathered hundreds of Design Thinking enthusiast and practitioners from all around the world.


Foreign companies such as IBM, HewlettPackard, IKEA as well as Polish Millennium Bank, Brand24 and Vivid Games uses Design Thinking methodology, and their representativesamong the otherspoke about changes in approach to design, problem-solving or even running a company which emerges while using DT. One of the main goals of Passio Groups units is to solve problems for our clients from branches like pharmacy, medicine, transport or nanotechnology referring to our Passio Innovation Way methodology in which Design Thinking plays a great part.

It has always been a challenge to develop innovations that generate measurable benefits. The open space for sharing the ideas and experience connected with DT is one of the elements that help to address and face it. That is why we wait impatiently for nextfifth edition of Polishopa Design Thinking Conference. See you in 2018!

Jason Grant – Distributed Design Thinking

We live in the world in which innovation can no longer be contained in a small room somewhere in a corner of a building. Modern companies leverage the power of Design Thinking across the board to truly compete and make a difference in the marketplace. Take a look at how this works out through real-world stories.

Dawn Ahukanna & Ashley Brimsted – IBM Design Thinking: Our creation story

Dawn Ahukanna is a Front-End Designer and a Software Alchemist, turning base code into precious applications. Focusing on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving humans into digital cyborgs. Practitioner, speaker, facilitator, mentor and teacher of all things Design Thinking.

Ashley Brimsted is a Visual UI Designer, responsible for transforming the look, feel and personality of our products. Actively practicing, facilitating and motivating Design Thinking. Currently working in the realms of IBM Messaging, exploring how we can improve our user’s experience as we continue to grow and evolve.

4Beverly Ingle „Creating Empathy Maps – Why understanding your customer matters”

The presentation by Beverly Ingle, University of Texas, POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference Bydgoszcz 2016

A design and resiliency strategist certified in innovation leadership, Beverly Ingle evangelizes the unique and innovative approaches needed for all organizations to embrace change to create a better future. Ms. Ingle is the Founder of Resilient By Design, San Antonio; beverlyingle@gmail.com

Matt Lynch „Design Thinking as a tool for business creation”

The presentation by Matthew Lynch, DT Lab Tromsø, Norway, POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference Bydgoszcz 2016

Matthew Lynch has been fascinated by entrepreneurship for the past 15 years. He has transitioned from studying it to doing it, to now teaching entrepreneurship. Having taught entrepreneurship at the University level over the past 3 years he has seen numerous examples of what doesn’t work, and more importantly what does.

He is undertaking a doctorate in Innovation at NTNU in Norway, researching how entrepreneurial mindset and innovation. He has a strong interest in human relations, and how to maximize people’s potential.

Matthew’s background is in business, and he is a charted accountant. He has several start-ups under his belt and was awarded the Barents Entrepreneur Award in 2014.